F - Series

TThe Isuzu F Series medium-duty trucks provide excellent driver comfort, easy maintenance and lower emissions. These trucks are built to work in total harmony with the driver, the environment and the application. That's why they are called "The Perfect Partner" in our advertising.


The new F Series cab ushers in an era of aerodynamic styling in the 21st century. The cab's rounded corners cut wind resistance to improve vehicle performance. In addition to the standard cab, drivers can select the high-roof cab option for the ultimate in terms of comfort and versatility. A bigger windshield for improved visibility, more interior space, reclining seats with optional air suspension, powerful climate control, ergonomically designed instrument panel and much more give even higher levels of comfort.


Three engine variations are offered. The 8,226 cc 6HH1-N offers 129 kW, the 6HH1-S provides 147 kW with the same displacement, and the 9,839 cc 6SD1, the largest engine available, outputs 177 kW. All three engines have enhanced fuel efficiency for improved fuel economy and clean-burning power.