Ghandhara Industries Ltd. reserves the right to change the specifications and equipments without notice. Details of specifications & Equipments are also subject to change to meet local conditions & Government requirements. Please inquire at your local ISUZU dealer for more complete details of any such changes that may be required.

Note:- Actual vehicle appearance may vary slightly from the vehicle shown above.

Ghandhara industries Ltd have a product range of ISUZU medium-duty vehicles (F-Series) & light-duty Vehicles (N-Seies) in Pakistan.

Medium-duty and Heavy-duty Vehicles (F Series)

In Pakistan we have available following F-Series vehicles in several basic configurations. The FTR33K 4 X 2 (1,6000 kg GVW), FTR33K 4 X 2 Heavy Duty(1,8000 kg GVW), FTR33K Prime Mover 4 X 2 (35000 kg GCW ) FTR33K 6 X 2 (2,8500 kg GVW), FTS33H 4 X 4 (13,500 kg GVM), FVZ34 6 X 4 Prime Mover (60,000 kg GCW) designations describe each version's particular area of expertise.

Light-duty Vehicles (N Series)

In Pakistan we have available following N-Series vehilces NHR 4 X 2 (3,300 kg GVW), NKR 4 X 2 (5,100-5,300 kg GVW), NPR 4 X 2 (8,800 kg GVW), NPS 4 X 4 (7,200 kg GVM). All of them Single Cab, which comes in Flat Bed and Low Bed types, and Crew Cab are available for NHR, NKR and NPR come in Flat Bed type of Single Cab.