ISUZU Assist

Isuzu Assist is our new roadside assistance programme covering all Isuzu truck models, providing Isuzu customers with additional peace of mind at no extra cost.

The right kind of assistance

At Isuzu, we spend a lot of time finding out our customers' needs and concerns. Which is how we know that the most important assurance for truck operators like you is to be able to count on someone for help if you ever need it. It's about what you need, not what's convenient for us.

That's why Isuzu Assist is not the typical let's-take-the-easy-way-out 'bolt-on’ assistance. It is in fact a genuine Isuzu operation that's designed for the trucks in our range; from our 6.5 tones payload & 12.5 tones FTR including BUS models. 

Our trucks are renowned for their reliability. But there are many reasons for roadside assistance, apart from mechanical breakdown. If you ever face other problems that come with spending time on the road, contact Isuzu Assist on XXX XXXX. And while the program was created for Isuzu customers, we'll be happy to assist you even if you operate another brand and happen to need help.