Founder Profile

Gen. Habibullah was born at Wana on 17th October 1913, After completing F.Sc. from Islamia College Peshawar, he was amongst the 25 people to be selected from the whole of the Indo Pak Sub-continent for First Course at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He was commissioned in 1934 and during World War II he campaigned in Burma and was amongst only a handful of native officers to have commanded an infantry battalion in War. His meteoric rise in Pakistan Army saw him as a two star general at the age of 40 and in this rank he held the appointment of a Divisional Commander, Chief of Training Pakistan Army, Chief of General Staff and the First Military Commander of the Baghdad Pact. In Dec 1958 he graduated from the Imperial Defense College, London (now the RCDS) and was promoted to Lt. General rank and appointed as Chief of Staff of the Pakistan Army. Unfortunately his brilliance became the cause of his downfall, and as is so often the case in politicized armies of the Third World countries his career came to an abrupt end when he was prematurely retired at the age of 46. For his gallantry during World War II he was mentioned is dispatches and was a recipient of Sitara-e-Pakistan and Legion of Merit from US Government. His premature retirement from Army did not dishearten him and instead it spurred him to start a new career in business/industry and very soon he gained international repute from his entrepreneurship. The business he setup was as diverse as Textile, Automobile, Tyre, Construction and Insurance. He passed away on 24th December 1994. Bibojee Group is now being run by his children's. Under their leadership they have not just preserved his legacy but also doubled it in size. The third generation of the family has also joined the business and are working in the various seats of the group.