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Chances are, your car is the second largest investment next to your home. Care for it properly and it will deliver the performance, lasting performance and enjoyment you need and expect. A properly maintained car offers the greatest return on investment by performing safely and dependably for you and your family. Proper maintenance also helps your avoid more costly repairs down the road.The first step towards proper maintenance is to be car care aware that means to understand your car, the care it needs when it needs and why. Thats why our service advisor are always there for you to explain typical preventive maintenance repairs.The guidance also includes a simple checklist such as when to expect the oil change and filters regulary, check tire pressure, fluid levels, filters, belts, wiper blades, brakes and other parts and components. 

Preventive Maintenance Program

For cost control, long term asset reliability and safety, We at Isuzu Ghandara committed to maintain vehicles by implementing and managing preventive maintenance (PM) programs. We believe that preventive maintenance is important to minimise the possibility of unscheduled issues leading to higher costs for breakdowns and repairs.

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50000km or 2 years

1. Covered items Isuzu warrants that it will repair or replace any parts that are found to be attributable/claimable to manufacture in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance under warranty period only ( 2 years/ 50000km whichever comes first ).

2.Not Covered items Warranty shall not be applied to normal aging, deterioration of plated parts, rubber parts, parts naturally expendable, sight irregularity, accidental loss, damage due to irresponsibility and ill maintenance, loss due to modification. alteration, abnormal usage and use of non recommended fluids. Moreover surface rust and paint damage is not covered. Also failure to comply with the recommended maintenance schedule and alteration in odometer reading shall invalidate the warranty.

Following items are covered seperately than the basic warranty coverage.Battery: The original battery is fully covered for the first 12 months from the date of delivery regardless of mileage Tires: Tires are warranted by tire manufacturer for a specific period of time

4.Warranty Application Warranty can be availed at enlisted authorized dealers all around the country. Isuzu reserved the right of final decision in all warranty claims.

5.Free services Isuzu will be offering 3 free services at 1000km, 5000km and 10000km to the valued customers which can be availed at authorized dealership.

please find the attached sheet of dealership network.