Management Policy

The Management team of Ghandhara believes in the synergy of all the resources of the company, including the Human Resources and Invests in them. In the end, Management becomes simply steering the resources towards the achievement of the Organization & goal. GIL's leadership comprises some of the most enterprising leaders of the corporate world in Pakistan. These individuals are responsible for conceptualizing and articulating goals that bring our people together in pursuit of set objectives. They lead the company with a firm commitment to the values and spirit of Ghandhara Group. In our journey to become a profitable, growth-oriented, and sustainable company, our management structure has evolved to create a more transparent and accessible organization. Our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and transparency has shaped GIL's governance framework and processes, which are aligned to the industry's best practices. Every employee at GIL is a part of the governance system and is required to adhere to clearly laid out policies and procedures.

At GIL, we support our leadership culture through unique systems and policies which ensure open communication, foster an environment of employee and partner privacy, and guarantee the well-being and safety of our employees. Our core values form the basis of everything we do at GIL; from formal decision making to how we conduct our business to spot awards and recognition. At GIL we never forget what we stand for. We strongly believe in the dignity and value of our people. We must consistently treat each other with respect and strive to create an organizational environment in which individuals are fairly treated, encouraged, and empowered to contribute, grow and develop themselves and help to develop each other. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Success requires us to continually strive to produce breakthrough ideas that result in improved solutions and services. We encourage challenges to the status quo and seek organizational environments in which ideas are generated, nurtured, and developed. Ghandhara Industries Limited appreciates employees for well thought out risks taken in all realms of business, and for the results achieved due to them, acknowledging the fact that not all risks will result in success.